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    This small, text-only site focuses on statistical reports generated from a program I've been working on for the past year plus. The subject, of course, is Wheel of Fortune episodes, starting with S29.

    Individual episode report posts have been made beginning from #5461. See the Content option in the menu to see an index of those reports.

    All Analyses has insight / data gathered from multiple shows, including a full season analysis on just about everything.

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General Disclaimer

The following is the disclaimer for all reports, mostly about potential errors:


*Key for one-var stats: n = size of data  |  min, q1, median, q3, max  |  mean +/- stdev  |  mode(s)

The accuracy of these statistics is ultimately up to the client of this program to input everything correctly. If there is a major error, contact me with the exact correction(s) (here or on the report page), and I can fix it.

Minor errors will hopefully be minimized, but a spin strength being off by 1 or the two letters called letter order being swapped is not what I’m looking for in potential corrections.

We must use what WOF shows us as the official statistics. Due to editing (mostly omissions), this WILL not be perfect: Wheel edits like spinning are common (especially on final spins), so if min/max spin strengths are huge outliers, this is probably why. Also, if three consecutive actions lead to lost turns, but contestant banks stay the same in this time, this “triple fail” is often excluded, sometimes leading to the funky min/max strengths mentioned above (or in another case, three straight duds in the speed-up).

In conclusion, the dud and black & white counts are potentially underestimates, but fortunately, omissions more major than this are very rare.

Each report was generated by the WOF Tracker Java Program, created by WayoshiM.







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